Final Review 2011

Thanks to all of the critics for coming and thanks and congratulations to the students for incredible work, and a tremendous year.

Patrick Donbeck
Michael Dowlatowski
Katherine Kania
Carla Lores
Younglee Lee
Tai-li Lee
Vicky Perez
Arn Regencia
Hiram Rodriguez
Scott Segal
Michael Yarinsky

Maria Aiolova
Gil Akos
Ezio Blasetti
Adam Dayem
Adam Hayes
Abby Coover Hume
Nathan Hume
Haresh Lalvani
Carla Leitao
Ronnie Parsons
Kristin Pape
Shadi Sharokhi
Justin Snider
Jaime Stein
Evan Tribus
Danielle Willems
Soo-in Yang
Richard Yoon

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