Research: De-Objectified Unification

Emergent systems within social, cultural, and/or political contexts evolve from limited sets of parameters that are unique to their agency and conditions.  This limited scope of information drives and demarcates their rates of growth, their rates of degradation, their functions and their shifting morphologies.  However limited and isolated, many of these systems are capable of achieving a high degree of complexity while retaining their independence.  The existence of these systems, regardless of typology, complexity or proximity, can also be limited by their mutual isolation.  This lack of integration may serve to sustain individual systems within their specific levels of agency and performance but may also serve to restrict their mutual enhancement via the integration of multiple systems and the perceptions they evoke.  By proposing the development and deployment of a robust network of data collecting sensors and applying specific filters to the information that they create, we propose the emergence of heightened collective awareness of the pressures acting on Newark that would otherwise go undetected – pressures that when disseminated collectively, play an active roll in the social, cultural and political context of Newark.  Thus, the effects of these individual systems can be interwoven to create a responsive fabric of information.

Predicated on increasingly specific information, contemporary culture continues to perceptually reinvent itself through novel integration, expression and representation of information.  The perceptual degree to which it actually is changing has been, in large part, become simultaneously empowering and deceptively exploited. There are extensive and growing numbers of resources that are designed to track all conditions acting on a ‘site’ – site being topological, physiological or psychological.  Simply put the ambitions behind tracking all of these ‘conditions’ [orbiting] can vary from concern for public safety and security to, conversely, concern for the safety and security of economic and political interests [orbited].  Although the development and deployment of tracking technology is also controlled by these ambitions, the empowerment they provide also operate under varying levels of agency and transparency.

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