Mystery Market

New York City    Ashkahn Bazl

This project deals with the redistribution and reinterpretation of storage throughout the urban context of Manhattan in locations that involve the idea of bringing storage to a site of distribution.  The site featured is Union Square, chosen for several reasons, ranging from the fluxuation of traffic (pedestrian and consumable) to the permanence of pop-up structures that the site hosts.  The geometries were formed by using a square footage ratio of existing storage components, ranging from personal locker sized spaces all the way to room sized spaces, and potential building footprint.  Since the site was demolished, the park had to be relocated, in the vertical.  From the spacial breakdown of density in the vertical comes another system of structural members that support the park as it moves through the site, there is a constant shift in majority between the park and storage programs as one moves upward through the building.  The program of storage also is reinterpreted as mechanisms are designed to instead store trees for the park instead of belongings for a person.

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