Final Review April 30th

Thank you to all the guest critics who took time out to join us on Friday, and thank you to all the students for their hard work.


Ashkahn Bazl
Edwin Lam
Erik Martinez
Michael House
Peechaya Mekasuvanroj
Rebecca Caillouet
Roxanne Sadeghpour
Sean Stevenson
Shawn Sims
Victor Orriola
Zakiya Franklin

Guest Critics:

Abigail Coover
Alex Terzich
Antonio Furgiuele
Carla Leitao
Daniel Wright
David Benjamin
David van der Leer
Douglas Gauthier
Erik Verboon
Erika Hinrichs
Evan Tribus
Gil Akos
Greg Merryweather
Janette Kim
Jonas Coersmeier
Justin Snider
Kristin Pape
Lindy Roy
Liubo Borisov
Mimi Zieger
Richard Garber
Ronnie Parsons
Soo-In Yang
Shadi Sharokhi

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  1. Michael Chen says:

    and we love our t shirts!

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