Civic Bailout

NYC_bannerNew York City Joanna Cheung | Bradley Rothenberg

Civic Bailout intends to research, develop, and implement durable forms of interface between citizens and the institutions that govern them. The current banking crisis, as a context, identifies a series of inconsistencies within the sharing of information between the institution and the citizen. This can be seen as a civic crisis, whereas we define civic as the transfer, as well as feedback of knowledge between organizations of citizens and institutional organizations. Research into current forms of civic event, space, and interface show a disconnection between the traditional civic space’s within the city, and the more ephemeral space produced by the civic event. We propose a civic scaffold, latent with interface, which, initially is able to better respond to the fluctuating dynamics of the civic.

In order to promote communication between the city and its citizens and between citizens and citizens, our proposed project is a deployable civic scaffold that answers to NYC’s and its citizen’s desires and concerns. With the capabilities to infiltrate into vacancies caused by the financial crisis, it resuscitates the dying infrastructure and injects new civic programs for the citizens.

We feel that our project heightens our knowledge of how society perceives their environment and its fluctuating conditions. What is the initial reaction of the citizen to issues of concerns and how does that reaction grow into a rhizomatic group of citizens that produces an ephemeral space through different forms of demonstrations. Our project produces a cognitive infrastructure that is able to interact with the citizens at a local scale and the city at a global scale, thereby bridging the two scalar differences and stimulating a revolutionary civic reactivity and allowing the citizens to be heard. It obtains an open source of communication that empowers the citizens to take part of their city’s future.

CivicBailout_sample from Bradley Rothenberg on Vimeo.

Flicker from Bradley Rothenberg on Vimeo.

Flexible Scaffold : Octahedra unit from Bradley Rothenberg on Vimeo.

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